​With the interactive audio lessons, before each of the lessons begins, a teacher will explain the lesson in great detail, in a manner that’s easy for the user to understand. Downloading these lessons will allow you to learn on the go.

The included conversation transcript will allow you to review certain phrases. The Rocket Record tool does a great job of allowing you to improve your pronunciation while learning more about the rhythm of the language when your recording is compared to a native speaker.

The program allows you to listen to just the conversation portion of the lessons, so you can also role play as the teacher.

Users can replay any of the phrases and words from each lesson, allowing them to focus on any areas that need more attention. At the end of each of the audio lessons, users will be tested in order to assess their skills and improve their understanding of every lesson.

Overall, the interactive audio lessons are easy to understand and actually interesting. If a user fails a test at the end of the lesson they’ll be encouraged to redo the lesson and retake the test in order to advance in the program.

The culture and language lessons will teach students about the cultural aspect of the language. Basically, these are grammar lessons, but aside from learning about proper grammar, students also get a deeper insight into the Japanese culture.

Each of these lessons features fun comic related images. At the end of each lesson, you’ll need to take a quiz to test your skills and knowledge.