What is Rocket Japanese ?

You’ll find a variety of Japanese language courses online, but none of them offer the type of diverse learning tools that you’ll find in Rocket Japanese. Through these innovative lessons, this program by Rocket Languages incorporates progress tracking tools, fun exercises, quizzes, and games to keep users engaged.

Each of the included lessons is very different from the next, which works to create a more exciting, diverse experience that’s more conducive to progress than the standard word repetition lessons you’ll find with the average Japanese language courses.

“Will This Help You?”]Whether you’re learning this language for career purposes, for traveling around the country, or for personal reasons, this program will have you speaking basic Japanese phrases in a matter of days.

  • Rocket Languages is a popular company that offers learning programs for a wide variety of languages, not just Japanese. But their Rocket Japanese program is by far their most popular seller.
  • The reason behind this, is Japanese is a very complex, tough language to learn, and ultimately, most people end up giving up after the first week or two, when using other language programs.
  • But Rocket Languages is different because they focus on keeping the student, engaged, interested, and motivated. They’ve also done a terrific job of making each of the lessons easier to follow and understand.
  • Their easy to use audio lessons, language games, and writing lessons offer students a well-rounded program that’s designed with beginners in mind.


language-opolisThis program features a total of thirty-one audio lessons, each of which is around twenty minutes in length.

  • When you break it down, that’s over thirteen hours of learning.
  • Each of the conversations is coupled with transcripts and broken down into easily manageable parts.
  • These audio lessons will cover topics such as arts and culture, nightlife, travel, food and drink, meeting, greeting, business Japanese, and family and friends.
  • The most difficult aspect of learning this language is getting the hang of correct pronunciation.

In order to combat this issue, this learning system uses a program called Rocket Record. Rocket Record utilizes voice mapping technology so you can record and repeat pronunciation until the voice map matches the sounds of the native host.

The Mega Japanese software word games work to build up your vocabulary while testing your audio recognition of Japanese words. Mega Vocab is another valuable component you’ll find in this program and it also works to increase your

Mega Vocab is another valuable component you’ll find in this program and it also works to increase your vocal library. This program features more than a thousand words and over twenty topics. Using Mega Vocab you can add pictures and words to the database.

The Mega Hiragana software program is designed for people interested in learning how to write in Japanese. This program introduces the user to hiragana characters in a manner that makes memorization and recognition so much easier.

These courses also include thirty-one language and culture lessons that will provide much-needed insight into a variety of situations the traveler may encounter. Topics covered include etiquette, transport, workplace, holidays, sports, body language, greetings, and food and drink, and much more.

A user’s progress will be tracked by quizzes, which can be taken periodically. As a user progresses, they’ll receive certificates when different milestones in the program have been completed. These certificates can really help to keep the student motivated.

  • With the program purchase, users will have lifetime access to the Japanese Learners forum, where you can find a team of fellow enthusiasts and native speaking Japanese teachers.
  • The teachers will answer any questions you may have regarding one of the lessons.
  • This is a useful resource that’s essential for any type of home study program, so we were happy to see that Rocket Languages offers this type of support in order to help users succeed.

Quick Tip: Rocket Languages also offers a full sixty-day money back guarantee, so if you feel after two months of use, that this program simply isn’t for you, contact customer support to receive your refund.

This is a multi-dimensional program designed for people who are looking for a fast-track program that’s easy to use and effective. After only a few days of use, you’ll have a basic understanding of simple phrases.

Because the Japanese language has a reputation for being difficult to learn, the manufacturers did a great job of creating a program that’s both fun and engaging. The variety found in this language system will increase the user’s ability to remain focused and retain more language.


With the interactive audio lessons, before each of the lessons begins, a teacher will explain the lesson in great detail, in a manner that’s easy for the user to understand. Downloading these lessons will allow you to learn on the go.

The included conversation transcript will allow you to review certain phrases. The Rocket Record tool does a great job of allowing you to improve your pronunciation while learning more about the rhythm of the language when your recording is compared to a native speaker.

The program allows you to listen to just the conversation portion of the lessons, so you can also role play as the teacher.

Users can replay any of the phrases and words from each lesson, allowing them to focus on any areas that need more attention. At the end of each of the audio lessons, users will be tested in order to assess their skills and improve their understanding of every lesson.

Overall, the interactive audio lessons are easy to understand and actually interesting. If a user fails a test at the end of the lesson they’ll be encouraged to redo the lesson and retake the test in order to advance in the program.

The culture and language lessons will teach students about the cultural aspect of the language. Basically, these are grammar lessons, but aside from learning about proper grammar, students also get a deeper insight into the Japanese culture.

Each of these lessons features fun comic related images. At the end of each lesson, you’ll need to take a quiz to test your skills and knowledge.


Japanese CharactersThe writing portion of the program can be very confusing, to people who aren’t familiar with kanji, katakana, and hiragana. In the beginning, learning how to write in Japanese can be a little discouraging and overwhelming. But once you get the hang of it using the videos and directions on how to write Japanese characters, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you pick it up.

Each of the characters comes with directions, in addition to a short video on how to correctly write the character. Users can play the video at a normal speed or slow it down to fifty percent speed.

While writing these characters can be confusing at first, the included directions and videos are very helpful and do a great job of guiding you along with each and every new character.


The three included games: Word Master, Phrase Master, and Mega Cards are fun ways to learn the language.

  • With Mega Cards, you’ll enjoy playing a memory game that tests your knowledge of the vocabulary and helps you to become more familiar with common Japanese phrases.
  • Phrase Master is a little similar to Tetris and involves blocks falling down. The user must match the correct Japanese characters to the English ones before the block hits the bottom of the screen.
  • Word Master is the third game and it allows users to listen to a word that’s spoken by a native speaker. The user must then drag the correct letters into the right spaces to make the word, completing the bridge to allow spacemen to get inside their rocket without falling.

By far we loved playing Word Master and Phrase Master more than Mega Cards, which just wasn’t that fun for us.


When you’re learning a new language, especially one that’s as complicated as Japanese, it can be hard to remain motivated. But Rocket Japanese works hard to keep you interested in learning with the leaderboard and badges feature.

The leaderboard, badges and associated point system will keep you motivated to work on your skills every day.

So, how exactly do you earn points? Everything you do in this program earns you points.

Quick Tip: So, the more you learn, the more points you’re awarded. It’s a fun way to compete against other students who are also learning Japanese.


Inside this package, you’ll find:

  • The interactive audio lessons based on skill level, ranging from beginner to intermediate speaker.
  • With the culture and language lessons, users will discover the mechanics of the Japanese language and have access to more than a thousand common phrases and words.
  • The reinforcement testing is available in every lesson. Each of the tests has a scientific algorithm designed to enhance and reinforce recall memory in different ways.
  • The included games make learning Japanese fun and will guide you along the way as you progress to new skill levels.
  • The progress tracking tool will let you know how far you’ve come and the areas you still need to work on.
  • The voice comparison software allows you to record your voice and compares it to the correct Japanese pronunciation.
  • Each of the courses will feature twenty-five advanced learning techniques that can help to cut down on the amount of time you need to spend studying.
  • Users will earn badges and points based on a number of language courses they have gone through. This helps to keep users motivated to learn Japanese.
  • The free Android and IOS language app allow you to take your learning program wherever you go.
  • The lifetime access not only allows you 24/7 access to the language forum, but you’ll also enjoy program updates for life.


Japanese VocabularyPros: This program is available for instant download after purchase and it comes packed with a wide range of features. The program is divided into five major components, based on skill level.

The Mega Japanese software games allow users to learn a ton of new Japanese words and phrases while having fun. Once you complete the program you can take the certificate test which awards you with the title of a certified learner of the Japanese language.

  • A Japanese teacher is available 24/7, via the online forum, so if you run into any problems along the way, an on-call teacher is just a few clicks away.
  • With the purchase, you’ll also get a bonus gift. The bonus features ten free Japanese vocabulary sessions that will teach you easy ways to perfect your Japanese.
  • As we mentioned, the program is broken into five components. The first component helps users to improve their Japanese with the audio interactive lessons. The second component is the language and culture lessons, which helps users to speak Japanese more naturally.
  • With the last three components, there is more of a focus on building vocabulary and language level assessment.

The sixty-day money back guarantee is a huge bonus for consumers and it shows us that Rocket Languages really believes in their product.

Cons: There are some disadvantages that come with this program as well. The program doesn’t feature any time constraints, allowing users to set their own pace of learning. This is a downside for learners who need more of a push to use this program consistently. This program is also only available in download format.


Japanese Language ProficiencyIf you’ve always wanted to learn Japanese, but have struggled to find a supportive, easy to follow Japanese language program, then Rocket Japanese may just be the program you’ve been searching for. Even after only one week of use, you’ll be surprised at just how effective this program is.

With plenty of teacher and customer service support, lifetime access to the language forum and countless lessons that show you new and fun ways to learn Japanese, you’ll be able to speak a wide range of phrases in Japanese, in as little as a month.

Consumers who purchased this language system gave it a rating of five out of five stars for ease of use, ongoing support, and the variety of learning methods used.